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5 Must Have Design Elements of a Galley Style Kitchen

Galley Style kitchens are often found on vessels such as a ship, train, or an aircraft because the design principle is to maximize limited space. These kitchens are characterized by the use of overhead cabinets and elongated appliances instead of conventional forms. Because of the efficiency of this kitchen type, the design has become very popular especially for modern homes, condo units, apartments, and even bigger houses.

If you are into designing your own galley kitchen, be sure to take note of the following design elements.

To start with, the space that you need to work on in designing your galley kitchen is very limited. Hence, you need to consider the dimension and capacity of your galley including the floors, walls, doors, ceiling, and windows as well as the columns and beams that support space. Because of the small space, you need to make certain that every furniture or appliance that you want to add are needed and can be maximized. For instance, if you are shopping for appliances, make certain to choose those that are compact and space saving. Smaller kitchen appliances must also be portable. You can also project a more spacious kitchen by using simple lines in your cabinets to avoid visual clutter. A well-maximized galley style kitchen can ensure its functionality.

It is crucial to achieving good form by getting right the scales and proportions of the galley. Before you even start adding lights, color, and decors, it is important to take a closer look at the outline or shape of the space itself. With this, you can be guided on what types of furniture or objects that you need to add to complement the form of your space. Adding appliances, furniture, and decors to the kitchen can add a very personal touch to your kitchen. However, you need to choose carefully so that they will be in harmony with the rest of the interior.

Effective galley style kitchen designs feature ample lighting for the interior. Aside from natural light, you can use general lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting. Galley kitchens, with its boxy shape and angles, can be enhanced with a series of ceiling lights to illuminate the entire length. You can add task lights to increase the ambiance and depth of space. Decorative lights can accentuate several architectural elements of the kitchen and can make the space shine.

Adding the right color to the galley style kitchen can affect the mood of the design. This element depends on your preference. You can use green or blue if you want a calm or serene kitchen, or you can use red or orange to bring excitement. In general, bright colors are recommended for galley kitchens to make the room appear bigger.

Adding texture to the design of your galley style kitchen can bring a deeper dimension to your room. Texture can be effectively used to break the monotony of the kitchen, thus creating excitement. You can add more texture to your gallery by adding wallpaper, rugs, or floor tiles.